Back in 1995, I was asked to DJ a friend from Church's daughter's 16th birthday party. I went and bought some speakers, an amp and some cd players and the rest is history.

I loved the feeling of entertaining people and having command of an audience. There is no better feeling than having people come up and tell you how much they appreciate your performance and that everything was just what they wanted. That's why after finishing my undergraduate degree from Marshall University, I decided that I would make a living from doing sound/lighting and entertainment.

I've been blessed to have some of my closest friends help me build the greatest sound, lighting and entertainment business in the Tri-State area. Our people and equipment is why we have been in such demand over the past 10 years. I refuse to send out a second rate DJ with a pickup truck and home stereo equipment (like many other DJs in the area). If we have to turn down events, I'd rather do that than have an event turn out less than perfect.

I always enjoy hearing from people on what they think of the service they received so please take some time after you have hired or been to one of our events to fill out a satisfaction survey.